Mark Johnson (Master Instructor)

Marc has an extensive background with regards to health and fitness having taken part in more than twenty international endurance trials over the past sixteen years and is still actively involved in training and leading teams of participants.

Marc began using iQniter BiQing and iQniter BasiQ for indoor cycling in 2014 and now offers indoor cycling classes through BiQing, BasiQ and iQniter’s new Tabata program too. Since joining the team, Marc has assisted with the training and development of new instructors and has helped to demonstrate iQniter’s capabilities to a wide variety of participants from beginners to professional athletes. In addition to this, Marc has delivered both face-to-face and web-based training to meet the needs of clients using any of iQniter’s packages. Furthermore, Marc has developed and delivered training in relation to creating programmes of work in both BiQing and Tabata.

Marc can tailor-make sessions to suit your needs and the needs of your clients, whether those clients are new to indoor cycling, experienced or professional athletes. If you would like to discuss how Marc can assist you with making the most of your iQniter programme, please feel free to contact him via the link below.
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Amy Hiatt (Master Instructor)

I have been heavily into health and fitness for as long as I can remember, starting off with dancing, horse riding and kayaking. After a very serious horse riding accident in my teens, I took to the gym to help aid my long recovery, and I have been going ever since. Whilst I have always enjoyed weight training and cardio, I started to participate in spin classes in my early 20’s. I always loved the drive and passion that the instructors had, which always pushed me harder than I thought I could go.

Back in 2012 I joined One To One Gym in South Wales, where I began pushing my fitness even more, having entered my early 30’s. Again I occupied my time with weight training and spin classes on a daily basis. I thought that my fitness levels were relatively good until the gym installed the Iqniter system back in 2015. I instantly invested in the Iqniter heart rate monitor and used it in the cycling classes that were introduced along with the system. Iqniter made me push myself harder than I have ever done, taught me that I clearly hadn’t been testing myself enough, and ultimately improved my fitness levels massively. I can honestly say that I am the fittest I have ever been!! I also noticed a change in my body shape for the better, which is something I had been trying to do for years, making me finally reach goals I had strived for. 

I was asked 18 months ago if I would be interested in instructing Iqniter classes. I jumped at the chance and have never looked back. I enjoy pushing people, motivating them, and helping them achieve their goals. I have had amazing feedback from my classes and some of the gym members, telling me that I have helped them achieve their weight loss goals and helped improve their fitness and stamina.

 I have also introduced monthly challenges, where I will host 75 minute or even 90 minute cycling classes. I make sure that these are open to riders of all levels and abilities, and allow them to push themselves as far as they want to go. Last year I was involved in hosting 2 x 100 mile spin classes to raise money for a local cause. Lots of members got involved by joining in and raising money, and it was a fantastic success. These events bought people together for a very worthy cause, but also during the event the atmosphere and spirit were amazing. It was fantastic to be able to see our Iqniter results after each 100 mile spin too!
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Marvyn Bailey (Master Instructor)

Marvyn now has over a decade of personal training experience, working with many different people and helping them to achieve their aims and goals.
A former Rugby athlete and strength & Conditioning coach. Marvyn has worked within the fitness industry for over a decade and is one of Wales most sought after Personal Trainers. Marvyn has worked with high profile clients from the worlds of sport, business, fashion and entertainment. Highly respected within his field, he is a regular contributor to fitness magazines, writing Training and Nutrition articles.

Marvyn is a published writer of Paleo Nutrition. You will feel safe in the knowledge that you are working with a trainer possessing a comprehensive understanding of the latest scientific research regarding all aspects of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle advice.
Marvyn guarantees results and will gladly refund you if you are not seeing and feeling the benefits of his sessions and advice.
Marvyn’s training methods are all about ensuring you achieve results. His sessions are focused but always fun and energetic. After all, what’s the point in exercising isn’t enjoyable?
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