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I have been using the Iqniter heart rate training system now for nearly two years and I can honestly say it has helped improve in both my own training and with training clients. With a Royal Marines background I am used to pushing myself to achieve maximum results and using the Iqniter system certainly helps me do that as I can monitor my heart rate and how many calories I have burned. By knowing how many calories I have burned aids to me to know how many calories I need replace and refuel my body with based on my goals. 

This is an area where many people fall short when they don’t use the Iqniter system because if they don’t know how many calories they have burned then how can they know how many calories they need to consume to achieve maximum results and for me this is key in achieving results. All my clients have heart rate belts so I can monitor every session they do even when they are not training with me so I will know if they are doing too much or not enough to achieve their goals. The email I receive once I have completed my workout is very easy to understand and provides me with important information such as calories burned, average heart rate within the session, how much rest is required to fully recover and how hard my clients and I have worked within the session. However not every session is to be intense and with the Iqniter system I can adopt a recovery session far more easily due to being able to monitor my heart rate and ensure I am staying within a certain beats per minute (BPM).

The Iqniter heart rate training system is by far the best of its kind as I have used other similar systems during my time in the Royal Marines. I 100% recommend every gym and their members incorporate Iqniter as it will no doubt take their fitness and results to another level.

Neil Adams (Owner, Personal Trainer)

Loved it! Loved it! Best equipment Purchase of the year. The Feedback from my customers tonight has gone through the roof and I haven’t even put our video on the ITS media yet. Massive thumbs up from me and I can’t praise the iQniter team enough. Thank you, Lee Meredith, for our constant support from sale to set up, Top Man.

Caroline turner (Owner)

So this has taken off better than I expected. Wait until you see the routes we are going to build. Ifd you haven’t tried a spin class with iQniter you are Seriously Missing out.

The iQniter system is brilliant. It's extremely effective our members are pushing themselves harder, having fun competing with each other and getting amazing results with their fitness and weight loss goals ! It's even pushing our instructors I don't think we've ever seen them work so hard 😊. We highly recommend the use of iQniter - our members love it!!!

Sarah Clayton (Owner)

I'm really pleased with our new iQniter system at Quest fitness, its proven to be a highly successful addition to our club. It not only motivates our members, but it also educates them whilst training in heart rate zones. I highly recommend the iQniter Concept.

Our account manager Lloyd, has been very helpful in not only setting up the system, but delivering staff training and on hand when we need assistance.

Ryan Nicolls (Owner)
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