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The complete gym solution

A state of the art cardio training system powered by Suunto premium Hardware. The IQniter system displays real time data for up to 105 participants on a screen at any one time and can be installed in multiple areas of a facility.

Participants are assigned a tile on screen that displays up to 5 key metrics that will be monitored during a session. Track Heart Rate, Power, Calorie Burn, Heart Rate Zone , Power to Weight Ratio, Cadence, and more.

Ideal for group training, CrossFit, personal training and Spin. Dedicated Class DesiQner software allows instructors to design unlimited classes in either heart rate or power zones. Create dynamic classes that engage, educate and motivate your members. With instant email reports after every class and the ability to integrate music, music videos and virtual routes into your classes, the only limit is your imagination.
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"The iQniter UK training solution in my opinion is the most effective complete cardio system there is. The concept of using individual zones in my training program enhanced my fitness level to help me become a World & Paralympic Cycling Champion".

Mark Colbourne MBE - 
Paralympic Champion

iQniter for your fitness centre

  • Can be used for Group or individual Training 
  • Multiple Zones 
  • Dedicated Spin Module *NEW Tabata Module*
  • Virtual Routes ,Music & Video Integration 
  • Design Unlimited Classes  in Heart Rate or Power Zones
  • Real time Data Displayed, 105 Participants on a screen at anyone time 
  • Measure - Calorie Burn,  Heart Rate, Watts, Power, Cadence Plus more 
  • Instant Feedback - Email Reports 
  • Suunto - Heart Rate Belts
What iQniter Can do for Your Centre

iQniter for your personal activities

  • Track Activity Indoor & Outdoor 
  • Suunto Heart Rate straps 
  • Compatible with your mobile phone 
  • Sync with a number of leading apps
  • Email reports after every session 
  • Work harder than ever before
  • Highly accurate wearable tech
What iQniter Can do for You

Suunto Movescount

iQniter is part of Suunto connected family. If you make an account on Suunto Movescount, then when Movescount ask, you just have to accept that iQniter uploads your training data to Movescount. You are now able to track the history of your moves on your Movescount as an App on your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) or on the web.
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